Friday, September 25, 2009

September Calendar - Webelos I

Here is an outline of our schedule for the month of September, and the respective advancements we have planned. We hope that you can make it to all of the events, but if for some reason you are unable, please refer to this advancements missed, and make them up on your own.

9-Sep: Den Meeting - Robertson's House

Agenda: Welcome, review Webelos I requirements, elect denner, introduce Den Chief Alex Colon

Craft: Make jungle vines for upcoming pack meeting

Achievements: Showman #18, Artist #9, Art Pin #5

17-Sep: Pack Meeting "Jungle Safari" , Webelos help with set up and clean up

29-Sep: Den Activity at Spring Grove Cemetery: Practice flag ceremony; tour cemetery

Achievements: Citizenship #3, 4, 5; Citizenship Pin #10

22-Sep, Den Activity: Northrop Elementary Dedication Ceremony,Webelos responsible for conducting flag ceremony

Achievements: Citizenship Beltoop #3

29-Sep, Den Meeting - Obermeier's house

Agenda: Zach leads pledge, oath, promise. Analyze rendezvous chairs, mark boards for cuts, with adult supervision cut the boards, time permitting scouts will begin to sand boards. Supplies needed: Tape measure, marking tool (pencil), sand paper, $10.00 for the board.

Achievements: Craftsman #1 and part of #2

Work At Home

Develop a list of jobs you can do around the home. Chart progress for one week. Citizenship Beltloop #3

Parents: Read the Webelos Scout Parent Guide pages 1-22, sign handbook.

Work on completing Faith requirement #8. Bring handbook to meeting to be acknowledged by leader when complete.

All due by den meeting on October 28.

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